30 Before 30

I made a 30 Before 30 list back in early March, on my flight to Portland for spring break.  What I didn’t know then was that my several weeks of weird illness were actually the beginning of what would turn out to be a severe and prolonged case of mono.  A lot of things I had put on my list ended up being un-doable.

This is actually the first time I’ve looked at the list since I wrote it, so I have no idea how many items I managed to get through.  Without further ado:

1. Make onigiri (not yet, but I did buy all the ingredients and a rice mold!)

2. Go somewhere new (done – Portland!  it was awesome)

3. Take Afsheen on a surprise adventure (sadly, my weekends were all spent sleeping and catching up on schoolwork)

4. Go to brunch at LaCroix

5. Visit Independence Hall

6. Go to the top of City Hall

7. Have a Polaroid adventure day, and shoot at least three rolls of film

8. Send graduation announcements

9. Graduate!

10. Send somebody cookies in the mail

11. Momofuku Noodle Bar fried chicken (this was my birthday lunch, and it was so amazing)

12. See a show

13. Run along the Schuylkill (mono pretty much eliminated anything exercise-related)

14. Go to the Barnes Foundation (incredible, I’ll be going back soon)

15. Have a champagne picnic with mini cans of Sofia (I didn’t have a picnic, but did take the Sofia to my last night of bowling and drank them with my team, along with grilled cheese and Bud Lights, so I’m counting that)

16. Clean out closet and bring things to Goodwill (I organized the closet, but am waiting to clean it out until we move in a few months)

17. Host a party of some kind (prom pre-party!)

18. Study in Fisher Fine Arts Library (during finals – insane)

19. Bake a cake

20. Achieve inbox zero (if only!)

21. Visit my Nana

22. Sell my old laptop

23. Try to make adas polo for Norouz (cooking also didn’t happen much when I was sick)

24. Try a new fruit

25. Go dancing at Tavern

26. Decide on a location and design for my blog (location down, design is still something I’m trying to figure out)

27. Philadelphia Orchestra student rush

28. Hang out with the Chestnut Hill side of my family

29. See Up in the Air with Afsheen

30. Ride a bike

So that’s… eight out of thirty.  Considering how sick I was, I’m okay with that.  I’ll definitely be making a 31 Before 31 list soon.


  1. For having mono, 8/30 is NOT BAD. I had mono for an entire semester of college, and I literally remember nothing from that semester… except for a VIVID memory of the color of the sofa upholstery!

    I like this list! I say just add nine to the unfinished ones, and call it a 31 before 31!

  2. First off- hi!!! And thanks for the comment over on my blog! It was great to have another point of view on that topic. I replied to your comment over there.

    Your accomplishments on your list are pretty good considering you were sick! Getting stuff on these kinds of list is always harder that you think it is going to be. I’ve discovered that with my own list list! I can’t want to see what you put on your 31 before 31 list!

    Which bar exam are you taking? Barbri is driving me insane. And I think I am still convinced I am a very very far way off from being able to pass. Argh.

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